You Rule!

As one of our contractors or FT employees you have awe-inspiring talent and you can work anywhere you want. Why hang your shingle on our door?

We are Smarter Together

By joining our team, you get…us! We are better, faster and smarter together and that is why our clients think we are the best. How does that help you? Better projects, better employee relationships and great references. 100% of our contractors are re-deployed within 30 days or less. That's SMART!

We are More Successful Together

Our employees and contractors are the lifeblood of the organization. It's not just “Here’s your salary, here’s some benefits and have a nice day…” We truly partner with our employees and contractors to build projects and practices that create a stronger company. Together, we leverage each other's skills to address client needs and share in each other's success!

We Celebrate Together

Have you ever been part of an organization and wondered, “Is there more?” At IGNW, you are truly part of the team. We recognize greatness and celebrate wins together. Whether you are an employee or a contractor, internal or out in the field, you are part of the family!

We Put YOU First

For our valued Contractor workforce, IGNW Resource Managers are paid to make sure that YOU come first. Whether it’s representing you at your gig, dealing with a tough manager, helping you with your next move, coaching and support or just taking you to lunch and getting to know you, IGNW knows YOU are at the front and center of our organization and the star of the show!

And All of the Other Things You Expect

Our pay and benefits for employees and contractors are competitive - as they should be. Talk to one of our team members to learn more:
  • Health care, dental, vision
  • Cafeteria plan
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Retirement plans - even for contractors
  • Other perks

Referral Program

Contact us to refer a team member and get up to $2500.00 for you and your referral to split!

We’re Ready When You Are