Direct Hire Services for VARS/SPs

Getting Your Sales, Presales and Engineering Teams Staffed Up Fast

When it comes to selling and delivering advanced technology, one size definitely DOESN’T fit all! Most headhunters waste your time with resources that don’t quite fit, job hoppers or under qualified rookies.

Time is money… in most VARS, SP’s and Tech companies, employees bring in revenue every day - and every unfilled position can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenues daily. IGNW understands this and our “Time to Fill” metric is simply the best in the industry!

Because of our deep VAR dna, we speak the language of VARS and SPs.

We Are Different

Because of our deep VAR DNA We speak the language of VARS and SPs. We know the difference between Presales and Postsales and how to screen them. We know why a channel sales person would probably not fit your advanced selling model, and we won’t waste your time.

We Are Connected

Because we TALK to VARS, SPs and tech companies daily, we know who wants to move, what they bring and who they want to talk to. We also understand how to position YOUR company as the best place for success!


Because of our relationships, our extremely senior recruiting team, our world class tools and our candidate database, we can get you the team you need much faster than even the mot seasoned internal recruiting teams.

We’re Ready When You Are