Tech Industry

Even the largest technology companies need services providers that are professional, seasoned, unbiased and completely loyal to your desired outcome. Outsourcing services can be tricky business. Your customer needs to know that you have their back, but your bench is not deep and partnering with a VAR is not a good option, when you have to remain neutral.

IGNW has your back.

Our deep bench of expertise, combined with leadership who has worked years with the most trusted technology brands, is able to execute on your most critical customer needs without jeopardizing neutrality. Because we don’t sell products, and ONLY do services, we are able to approach any client problem without any political agendas.

Our team has consulted with large technology companies and understands the channel, the customer, and most importantly, how to interface and perform as a subcontractor to your advanced services initiatives.

And what if you just need to staff up? We have you covered there, too. With our team of the most seasoned Recruiters and Resource Managers in the industry, we are connected to hundreds of thousands of top tech talent in engineering, architecture and sales. Because of our unique experience, we understand the nuances and pressures of working in a vendor environment vs. a VAR environment vs. an end-user environment. We get it…and that helps YOU save time and money!

We’re Ready When You Are