Systems Integration


Your systems are your life blood, your software is the oxygen.

IGNW’s data-driven SI processes can help you optimize your system and software investments while scaling to fit the needs of your business!

APIs, Connectors, Integration Applications and IpaaS

Whether you are integrating your legacy applications to each other or to a new set of cloud services, IGNW can create the essential “nuts and bolts” to integrate your software, systems and infrastructure. We can create custom API’s and business adapters, or integrate systems using off the shelf interfaces. Either way, IGNW creates solutions that are highly available, reliable and secure. We also incorporate management tools and platforms to understand application performance across your entire stack.

Continuous Delivery

Automated software deployments are key to faster delivery. IGNW works with your organization to setup fully automated software deployment pipelines. Statistics show that 60% of companies delivering software monthly or more frequently have implemented a CI/CD process. IGNW has deep domain experience with many of the popular tool chains and can help your organization with tool selection, process development and improvement . We can also help resolve any specific technical or process issues you are having with your existing continuous delivery pipeline.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Data Center Orchestration or IaC allows your engineering and ops team to spin up fully configured infrastructure using automated scripts, saving time. Gartner reports that out of companies delivering software monthly or more frequently, 50% are using IaC to achieve their goals. If your organization is struggling to rapidly deploy systems to support new technologies such as Docker, or you are just trying to improve configuration consistency across systems, IGNW can help.

DevOps Best Practices

It’s a fact that Agile software development practices have seen widespread adoption. These practices alone can help you get from a quarterly release cycle to a monthly or even daily releases. In order to achieve greater speed you will need a fully integrated DevOps process that works from planning to delivery. IGNW helps organizations by analyzing current processes and providing a roadmap to move to a DevOps culture or even helping with targeted projects in order to create faster adoption.

Social Platform Integration

Aggregating, disseminating and understanding your social footprint is becoming increasingly more important to the enterprise. And increasingly more complex! IGNW can help you build the required enterprise integrations to see the whole social picture from sales to customer support to product satisfaction.

Unified Communication Integration

Understanding your business and customer story is no longer desired, it is required! Businesses are moving at a faster pace than ever before. To understand the whole picture, companies continue to implement unified communications strategies. We have extensive experience integrating custom and commercial ERP, CRM and other business tools within standard UC platforms. We can also help you automate and orchestrate user migrations from an existing system to a new UC platform, saving significant money on costs to deploy and dramatically improving the end-user experience.

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