Project Management


Whether you need PMO services, a Project Manager or an entire team, IGNW has your project covered.

At IGNW, you can rest assured that we will get it done and get it done right - right now. Many other outsource companies spend too much time and too much of YOUR hard earned money trying to re-engineer your business before they ever start on your project. Our professional project management services are exactly what they sound like - managing your projects, on time, on budget and with your intended functional specifications!


Contracted Project Managers

Whether you need full time temporary or contract to hire to help you complete your objectives, IGNW has you covered. Specific vertical or technology skills can be hard to come by. We have a massive database of Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Scrum Masters and Program Managers who are exactly what you need for your specific project initiative.

Project Teams

You have selected a core technology. You understand the outcome that you are looking for. You know the impact to your business and now you need to spin up a team to make it a reality. IGNW has created entire teams to execute some of the most complex projects imaginable. Under the watchful eye of our Program Managers, your custom built project team will be bolted together extremely fast and be ultra vetted - not just for technical skills, but for how they will work as a team and with YOUR team.


Project Management as a Service

Sometimes you just need a little help and you need it now. No FTE, no contractor - just qualified partner services to help you manage your project: on demand, flexible, your timing, flexible terms. Together, we will get your project into high gear:

  • Agile project management services
  • Waterfall project management services
  • Custom PMO specifically for your business
  • Software creation and implementation
  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Quality assurance management

Project Recovery Services

It’s a critical project, but it’s way behind schedule, costs are skyrocketing and nobody knows when it will be done or what happened. IGNW can help. Our team has managed hundreds of extremely complex projects . Our Consultants quickly evaluate your project’s current state and help you to make the best decision about how to move forward and get your project back on track. We use a standard methodology to assess your specific challenges:

Step 1: Review

Using interviews, project plans, status reports and project artifacts, we compare your project’s intended goals with its current progress to provide an objective Project Assessment Report. We present this report to stakeholders and lead a discussion keying on recommended next steps.

Step 2: Recommend

We prepare a set of responses to recover the project. These responses fall into one of three categories: Restart the project, Recover the project, Re-scope the project. These recommendations include PMO toolsets and best practices to incorporate into your project and work alongside of your team.

Step 3: Respond

With a detailed plan to restart, recover, re-scope, we recommend changes to the people, process, structure and purpose of the project within the plan. Our team then implements the Response Plan, providing you with regular status reports on progress toward implementing the plan.

Step 4: Transition

Once the project is stabilized, IGNW transitions the project back to the project leadership team. We can also recommend possible changes in your organization, PMO or project processes to avoid future project derailments and improve overall success.

We’re Ready When You Are