Resources on Demand



The market for highly qualified tech candidates is competitive – and finding talent can be extremely difficult. With access to hundreds of thousands of qualified resources in our database, we will provide your business with the very best, right away.

Our extremely seasoned recruiting team are experts in the tech industry and know all the right people to help you right now, whether you need a resource for just a few weeks, several months or the long haul. Our critical TTM (Time to Market) optimized solutions help your business scale up or down rapidly depending on where you are in your project lifecycle.

We can provide top Contracted Consultants in IT, software design and development, AI, big data, project management, infrastructure, security, electrical engineering and finance/accounting.


Contracted Teams

Sometimes you need more than just throwing bodies at a project. You know what you want, but you don’t want to pay big bucks to get it from a VAR or SI who will charge YOU while they learn. Complex initiatives in your business require more thoughtful and flexible solutions. At IGNW we build entire teams to roll out some of the most complex projects imaginable - for better business results at a lower risk and far superior cost.

We can build managed or unmanaged teams and can address many different types of complex projects, including business intelligence environments, ERP and CRM systems, application lifecycle management, social media aggregation, software development, big data environments, data centers, public/hybrid cloud migration, IP telephony deployments, security risk assessments, web portals, middleware, API writing and much more.

Contract to Hire Solutions

Contract to Hire is an effective strategy for testing a potential employee’s fit, without going out on a limb! IGNW can ease the pressure placed on your cash flow and headcount while finding the top talent for your business.

We can provide top CTH talent in IT, software development, AI, big data, project management, infrastructure, security, electrical engineering, and finance.


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